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At Rachel Rall, Attorney at Law, P.A., we understand the complexities of dealing with family law issues. Whether you are facing a contested divorce, trying to determine paternity, or working out child custody details with a former partner, these life-changing legal issues can take an emotional toll. Don't navigate the family court system on your own; hire an attorney who is experienced and compassionate, and one who will look out for your best interests.

Our experienced family law attorneys can help resolve family law issues related to:


Divorce is never easy; whether you and your spouse are able to separate amicably, or you must leave it to the court system, you should never go through the process without an attorney. Rachel Rall, Attorney at Law, P.A., is here to assist you through this process. The attorneys at Rachel Rall, Attorney at Law, P.A., are aggressive, yet compassionate. Our job is to get you through the divorce process without needless delay, so that you and your family can move on with your lives.


In Florida, a biological father may not necessarily have rights to a child, such as visitation or joint custody, unless the court gives you those rights by establishing paternity. The attorneys at Rachel Rall, Attorney at Law, P.A., understand these pitfalls and have the knowledge to navigate the system to help you get the time you and your child deserve.

Child Support And Time-sharing

Child support is the right of a child to be supported by both of his/her parents. There are factors that go into determining child support. If you need to establish child support, need to modify child support, or are not receiving court ordered support, call the attorneys at Rachel Rall, Attorney at Law, P.A., to help you with your child support case.


As children grow and their needs change, it may be necessary to return to court to change aspects of a parenting plan or child support. At Rachel Rall, Attorney at Law, P.A., the attorneys will give you a fair assessment of your current situation and determine if you should seek a modification of your court order.

Other Areas Of Family Law

Our attorneys are also adept at handling other areas of family law, including:

  • Mediation: Attorney Rachel Rall is a Florida Supreme Court certified mediator. She has the skill and experience to serve as mediator in several matters.
  • Dependency: If your child has been removed from your custody by the Florida Department of Children and Families, we can protect your rights.
  • Domestic violence: Whether you were accused of committing domestic violence or need to seek protection, our lawyers can help.

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If you live in Jacksonville or the surrounding areas and need assistance in any of these areas, please schedule a free consultation online or call us at 904-701-0563. We will be happy to review the specifics of your situation and offer guidance on how to best proceed with your case.

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