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The leading cause of garnishments is child support

A large number of Florida workers have garnishment orders against their wages, and the leading cause in the nation is child support. A study released in September looked at garnishments across the country in order to identify trends, causes and the most affected industries and people.

How to protect yourself from past marital debt

If you are embroiled in a contentious divorce, your primary goal is get out of the marriage as quickly as possible with all the property and assets you are entitled to. For those with a considerable amount of debt incurred, bold promises may be made to make a particular spouse whole or relieve a spouse of debt. After all, dealing with credit card debt, medical expenses and other financial obligations can be difficult after a divorce. And let's face it, some vindictive spouses just want to make their exes life difficult .

Managing an estate as the executor

Some people may hire a professional when appointing an estate executor, but others prefer to name a trusted family member or friend. The executor of an estate is responsible for protecting the assets of a deceased person until the assets can be distributed. Here are some tips for Florida residents when serving as an executor.

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