Online dating relationships can be happier, longer lasting

Online dating is among the most popular ways for people in Florida to find new relationships. Through services such as Tinder, OK Cupid and Match, people can sign up and create profiles to meet others whose interests and desires align with their own.

While many people think of online dating as bringing a shopping-like context to relationship building, research indicates that it can be an effective way to achieve longer-lasting relationships with higher levels of confidence and satisfaction. As much of Americans' daily lives are lived on the internet, especially with the wide proliferation of smartphones and tablets, online dating has blossomed dramatically. What's more, data shows that the relationships and marriages that result from online dating have lower rates of divorce.

Online dating provides those looking for love with a means to connect to a more diverse group of people. Traditional, in-person dating is often dependent on social networks of classmates, co-workers and friends.

In 2017, one-third of all marriages began via online dating applications or websites. It's the second-most popular way for heterosexual couples to meet and the most popular method for same-sex partners seeking dating and relationships. Because of the questionnaires and specificity of sites, they often make it easier for marriage-minded people to find each other.

No matter how a couple meets, circumstances and relationships can always be subject to changes and pressures. The end of a marriage can be both emotionally difficult and legally challenging. A family lawyer can help to protect a spouse's interests in a divorce and seek a fair outcome in asset distribution, child support, child custody and other separation matters.

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