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Entrepreneurs and divorce

When entrepreneurs in Florida end their marriages, the fates of their businesses are often uncertain. This is because the company and its assets may be subject to division in the divorce settlement.

Parental responsibility: Cooperating with your ex

During a divorce, it can be all too easy for parents in Florida to become so caught up in trying to gain the advantage over each other, they fail to realize how their actions can affect their kids. It may seem like arguing is the only way to get points across and wishes heard. But the inability to work together can cause the courts to make arrangements that go against your wishes. 

When to stay married to help a child

Florida residents may feel as if ending their marriage is in their best interest. However, they may be conflicted as to whether it is in the best interest of their children. While there may be long-term impacts on a child after a divorce, there may also be long-term impacts on a child who grows up in an unstable home. Typically, it is never a good idea to stay in a relationship if abuse occurs.

Planning to divorce? Review estate plans

In Florida, some people make the mistake of drafting estate plans and then failing to make changes when they undergo major changes in their lives. One such scenario that should prompt a review and possible modification of an estate plan is a pending divorce.

Domestic violence among service members

Spousal abuse is a problem that plagues countless families in Florida and across the country. Having family members in the armed forces, you should know that there are military-related issues that may contribute to or exacerbate a domestic violence problem.

Risk factors that increase the likelihood of divorce

When Florida couples head to the altar, they rarely think about what could go wrong in their future lives as spouses. Marriage is never guaranteed to be easy because it is a very close relationship; as such, it is subject to the vicissitudes of the human condition.

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