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Considerations when creating a time sharing agreement

The divorce rate is steadily decreasing over the country. However, Florida lawmakers seem to have an idea for how to decrease it even more. Some Florida lawmakers have proposed a bill that would require couples to read a marriage guide, which would offer premarital education and general relationship advice, before tying the knot. Whether this plan will lower the number of divorces or even make them less acrimonious remains to be seen.

Alimony deductions to change in 2019

Some people in Florida who have been contemplating divorce might want to speed up the process in 2018 after the passage of the tax bill in December. The reason is that any divorces that happen after 2018 will have different rules about alimony payments.

Paternity questions can be answered with non-invasive test

For potential fathers in Florida and across the United States, the period before birth can be confusing and difficult, particularly when there are disputes and concerns about paternity. Whether due to infidelity, a short-term relationship or other causes, paternity uncertainty can mean that a father has no idea if he has rights to his child or an obligation to provide child support. In the past, paternity testing was mainly widely available only after the birth of the child.

Reasons to start estate planning right away

Florida residents are encouraged to create a comprehensive estate plan as soon as possible. This may mean creating powers of attorney in an addition to traditional plan documents such as a will. Without a power of attorney, family members or other trusted representatives may not have access to bank accounts or other assets if the owner becomes incapacitated.

Biggest mistake in divorce is rushing ahead without right lawyer

Ending a marriage in Florida is painful enough without making it worse through inadequate planning, insufficient court representation or allowing emotions to force a person into saying or doing things that will cost them later on. An expert recently shared her thoughts on the most common mistakes people make during divorce and its related issues, including alimony, child custody and property division.

Tips for getting ready for divorce

Some Florida residents may return from the holidays ready to get a divorce in the new year. After summer vacation is also a common time for marriages to end. Even people who have not made up their minds yet can start taking steps to educate and prepare themselves in case they do decide to split up.

Do not ignore a letter from the Florida Department of Revenue

You want to have a good relationship with your child, and you want to do your part to provide for him or her. However, you have suffered some major life changes since the original child support order, and after you make your payments, you do not have enough left over to live on. 

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