Biggest mistake in divorce is rushing ahead without right lawyer

Ending a marriage in Florida is painful enough without making it worse through inadequate planning, insufficient court representation or allowing emotions to force a person into saying or doing things that will cost them later on. An expert recently shared her thoughts on the most common mistakes people make during divorce and its related issues, including alimony, child custody and property division.

The biggest misstep someone going through a divorce can make is skimping on legal representation, according to a recent article in Forbes. In other words, the interviewed expert says, it is vital that parties in the process of divorcing rely on the counsel of attorneys experienced in the skillful handling of divorce, ideally including mediation to navigate the tricky legal issues that define the end of a marriage.

Google searches or just picking a local lawyer from a list may be a recipe for disappointment, if not disaster, according to respected voices in the field. While attorneys who come up highly placed on a search engine list may be good at their jobs, it's important for divorcing individuals to find legal representation that focuses on the issues those individuals consider most relevant to their circumstances.

Experts state that the time a potential client takes to find the right attorney will pay off in more satisfactory results in and out of the courtroom. Through attorney-led mediation or in court-ordered mediation that allows participants to have legal representatives during the process, the courtroom may be bypassed entirely when it comes to some of the most personal and important issues people can often work out during mediation.

Divorces are rarely happy events. However, finding an experienced divorce lawyer may make the difference between regret and satisfaction down the road.

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