Tips for getting ready for divorce

Some Florida residents may return from the holidays ready to get a divorce in the new year. After summer vacation is also a common time for marriages to end. Even people who have not made up their minds yet can start taking steps to educate and prepare themselves in case they do decide to split up.

For example, people can review the websites for the state bar associations and courts to learn more about the process in the state. Those who are at the point of consulting attorneys can make a list of questions to ask. People will also need to organize financial documents such as tax returns, end-of-year pay stubs and credit card statements.

Once a separation or divorce is underway, it may be best to stay off social media or at least use it less. There is a risk people might inadvertently post something that could hurt them in the divorce including things about money or children. Another consideration is what kind of self-care would be helpful during this time. People may want to turn to family and friends for support, have a few sessions with a therapist or join a gym. They should think about the future after the divorce and consider their goals and what their lives will look like.

While divorce can be a difficult time, there are things people can do to make the process less traumatic. Some spouses are able to work together effectively to reach a decision on property division and child custody. This can leave the final outcome with them instead of with a judge. However, if the divorce turns contentious, being prepared with knowledge about the process and the other tips above is also helpful.

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