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More time for fathers leads to change in custody arrangements

With studies showing that children benefit from time with both parents after divorce, custody arrangements are changing. Parents in California might try a number of different configurations that focus on the best interests of the child and provide ample time for each parent with their children.

Trusts for adults can be important in estate planning

Florida residents may be driven to think about their future and that of their family, especially after important life events like marriage or the birth of children. These types of milestones can cause many people to consider the plans and actions that they can take today to help ensure that their families will be taken care of even after they pass away. An estate plan that involves wills, trusts, life insurance and other forms of asset transfer can help create a comprehensive approach for long-term benefit to one's heirs.

Safeguarding finances in case of divorce

Divorce is probably far from the minds of Florida couples who are currently planning to wed. However, creating a prenuptial agreement can be a smart way for future spouses to keep finances separate and establish how property will be divided in case a divorce does happen. While some people might worry that this seems like a cynical way to approach marriage, it could ultimately save a lot of headaches in the future.

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