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How to reduce the odds of a divorce

Couples in Florida and throughout the country may still adhere to traditional gender roles that see the man making the money to support the family. However, if a woman starts a marriage making less than her husband does, she could be more likely to get a divorce if she advances in her career. This is partially true because a wife who's suddenly experiencing a soaring career may be more focused on work and less on household tasks.

How to find a person's will after he or she passes

When an individual dies in Florida or anywhere else, the estate is overseen by an executor. An executor is generally considered to have a role similar to a trustee and has an obligation to locate beneficiaries and let them know about the passing. If a will was created, a beneficiary has the right to see a copy of it.

Persistent financial gender roles create surprises in divorce

Women in Florida who leave financial affairs and investing to their husbands sometimes find themselves at a disadvantage if they pursue a divorce or their husbands pass away. Their lack of knowledge about spending, debts and retirement accounts could leave them unprepared to navigate their financial lives as single people.

Mediation for divorce

Under state law, Florida couples who are going through a divorce must first submit their case to mediation before proceeding with litigation. This method of alternative dispute resolution is no longer an option, but it continues to provide the same advantages as before.

How debts are settled after a spouse dies

When married people die, their debts that they incurred while alive do not necessarily go away. However, surviving spouses in Florida aren't always liable for the debts that their husbands or wives accumulated. If a debt was in the decedent's name only, it will be paid for by that person's estate. This means that assets that belonged to the decedent will be used to cover those balances.

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