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Tax law changes coming to divorce after 2018

For couples who have decided to divorce in Florida, there may be good financial reasons to ensure that their agreements are finalized before the end of 2018. There are several changes to federal tax laws that will go into effect with the dawn of the new year in 2019. These changes could significantly impact the way that divorce will affect both parties' pocketbooks, and by acting quickly, people may be able to finalize their divorces under more favorable current tax regulations.

How the divorce process may come with some restrictions

Some people in Florida may not be aware of some restrictions on finances and parenting that might exist during the divorce process. These vary across jurisdictions. However, when a divorce is in progress, it is best to avoid using marital funds for any expenses above and beyond the usual ones. A person cannot clean out a shared account or remove a spouse from it, run up debts on credit cards or sell assets.

Valuable collectibles and estate planning

It may be important for some people in Florida to include valuable collectibles in their estate plan such as art, stamps, antiques and even some alcoholic beverages. There could be several complications associated with these items in an estate plan including valuation and the fact that family members may be unable or uninterested in keeping some items.

Why parents agree to temporary custody orders

When parents in Florida choose to divorce or separate, it can have a significant impact on the children involved. Therefore, it's necessary to think about the kids' best interests throughout the separation process. In some cases, it isn't possible to determine immediately who should have permanent custody of a child. In these scenarios, a temporary custody order may be created.

Mediation: a more amicable way to divorce

If you and your spouse have decided to divorce in Florida, you undoubtedly have good reasons for making that difficult and painful decision. Whatever those reasons are, and whatever issues now confront you regarding your children, your house, your division of property and other areas of your respective lives, it is quite likely, however, that neither of you wishes to undertake a long, expensive and exceedingly acrimonious divorce. In fact, each of you may wish, secretly or openly, that you could have a “friendly” divorce rather than a traditional litigious one.

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