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Pre- and post-nuptial agreements can be good for a marriage

A common perception among many soon to be married Florida couples or those already wed is that contractual agreements between the two is a bad idea, which in, essence, plant the seeds for the all but inevitable future break-up and ultimate divorce. On the contrary, however, prenuptials and post-nuptials can provide a solid platform from which a marriage can build and thrive.

Why estate planning is important for all adults

Florida adults can benefit from an estate plan even if they do not have a large amount of assets. One important reason to have one is in the event of incapacity. Estate planning documents can appoint people to take over health care decisions and financial matters for a person who is unable to do so. People might also want to purchase some kind of long-term care insurance.

Understanding the impact of the 'gray divorce revolution'

For any Florida couple, there's something special about celebrating the anniversary of a marriage that has lasted for many years. Long-term marriages can be even more remarkable for children of divorce. Sons of divorced parents are 35 percent more likely to get divorced themselves, while daughters coming from the same family background are 60 percent more likely to see their marriage end early. Even when there isn't a family history of divorce, older couples aren't all that likely to remain together "til death do use part" these days.

Can Valentine's Day weddings lead to divorce?

Couples in Florida who set their wedding dates may expect that to have little connection to their likelihood of divorce. On its face, that is a common-sense assertion. However, research conducted at the University of Melbourne shows that some couples are more likely to divorce, and that likelihood can be linked to the choice of certain dates for their weddings. The single day connected to the highest probability of divorce, according to the study, was Feb. 14, or Valentine's Day.

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