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Florida residents who want to get a divorce may be intimidated by the seemingly complicated process. There may be many issues that have to be addressed during a divorce, including child and spousal support and child custody arrangements. However, in order to start the divorce process, it is necessary to first file.

The first step individuals should take to file for a divorce is to obtain the necessary papers for the state in which they reside. Some jurisdictions make the documents available online for printing. In other counties, it will be necessary to complete the required forms at the court.

The specific forms that are required can vary from state to state, but individuals will typically have to submit a Family Law Petition, which states their desire to obtain a divorce, and a Summons, which people use to acknowledge that they comprehend how the divorce process in their county works. It also is usually necessary to submit a Property Declaration form and records concerning any minor children.

After the initial paperwork has been filed, they will be served by the court to the spouse. Both parties will have a certain amount of time to trade financial information using a Financial Disclosure or Declaration of Disclosure form. The type of information that will have to be provided may include at least two years' worth of tax returns and documents and all records related to investments.

A divorce attorney may assist clients through the process of ending their marriages. Assistance may be provided with submitting the necessary documents to file for a divorce. A lawyer may evaluate the circumstances of a divorce, consider his or her client's desired settlement terms and recommend certain legal strategies to use to resolve disputes regarding alimony, child custody, property division and other divorce legal issues.

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