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Using joint ownership to avoid probate

Many people in Florida are interested in how to avoid probate when thinking about how to plan for the future. They want to be able to provide their heirs with direct access to their assets without having to go through a court procedure. There are a number of ways that property can be transferred outside of the probate system, but one of the most commonly used is joint ownership. For example, many people own their homes jointly with their spouses with a right of survivorship. If one spouse dies, the other owns the home in full without going through probate.

The surprising increase in gray divorce

Despite the general population's misconceptions, the divorce rate has actually decreased in recent years. However, there is one demographic that has seen an increase in divorce. Individuals over the age of 50 are more likely than ever before to divorce their partners. Professionals refer to this as gray divorce, and it has increased all over the United States, including Florida. 

Child custody, support issues fathers may face

Some Florida fathers who are divorced or were never married to their child's mother may have trouble keeping up with their child support payments or might not get the visitation rights they want. If a mother obtains a protective order against the father because she fears for her safety and/or that of her children, the father could lose access to the children altogether.

Financial errors that add to the long-term cost of divorce

Divorce often disrupts income and produces turbulent emotions. For spouses in Florida in the process of ending their marriages, the upheaval could lead to financial mistakes. Despite feelings of anger, spite or sadness, financial planners recommend that recent exes keep their eyes on the future and avoid activities like buying big-ticket items to make themselves feel better.

What can the Florida Department of Revenue do in support cases?

Child support issues are rarely ever easy to navigate. Whether you are on the receiving end or the parent who pays child support, knowing what role the Florida Department of Revenue plays in the process is essential. The department can enforce child support orders across borders and even set the amount of child support without going through the court.

Standby guardians are now recommended for deported parents.

The issue of undocumented immigrants in the US continues to be a hot button political issue. This is true in Florida, with one of the larger populations in the country. Further, the administration's crackdown on undocumented immigrants and subsequent deportation leads to an inevitable issue, namely what happens to the children of deported immigrants?

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