The surprising increase in gray divorce

Despite the general population's misconceptions, the divorce rate has actually decreased in recent years. However, there is one demographic that has seen an increase in divorce. Individuals over the age of 50 are more likely than ever before to divorce their partners. Professionals refer to this as gray divorce, and it has increased all over the United States, including Florida. 

There are different considerations to make with gray divorce compared to divorce with other age ranges. For example, whereas other couples may contend with child support and custody since the child is still fairly young, a couple over the age of 50 may have kids who are already out of the house. There are various ways gray divorce impacts the couple in different ways they may not have prepared for. 

Retirement assets

Couples over the age of 50 may have accumulated significant retirement assets. This can include personal assets in addition to real estate and pensions. One spouse may not know the full extent of the other's retirement program. A divorce will require both spouses to come to the table with all their assets so that the court can divide everything equitably.

Social Security is a big factor during retirement. These benefits also require division, especially if one spouse did not work during the marriage and is dependent on those benefits. 

Health and medical needs

Younger couples may not have to concern themselves with health insurance policies and powers of attorney as much, but older couples should definitely consider their health in the divorce. A spouse with the insurance policy may want to adjust it. Additionally, the spouse may have given the other certain rights in the will and trust. The divorcing spouse may be a major beneficiary in the will. After a divorce, all this will need to change. Both spouses will need to review their estate planning documents to ensure they prepare for this new life. 

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