What can the Florida Department of Revenue do in support cases?

Child support issues are rarely ever easy to navigate. Whether you are on the receiving end or the parent who pays child support, knowing what role the Florida Department of Revenue plays in the process is essential. The department can enforce child support orders across borders and even set the amount of child support without going through the court.

If you live in the Jacksonville area and are wondering what your rights are when it comes to child support calculation through the state, getting the help of a professional may be something to consider.

Child support awards

The Florida Department of Revenue may be able to set the amount of child support based solely on the income of the parties involved. How can they do this? Either party may petition the department to calculate or recalculate a child support award by providing the following:

  • Employment information
  • Paystubs
  • Tax returns

If one parent refuses to disclose this information voluntarily, the department can obtain most of what they need directly from the employer.

Child support payments

The department has the authority to create and uphold an income withholding order. If parental unwillingness to pay child support payments timely in the past warrants action to collect payments, the state sends documentation to the employer directly. The employer then has the obligation to take the child support amount from the payer's check and send it directly to the state.

One of the issues with going through the Department of Revenue is it calculates child support strictly off the state standards. Nothing else matters to the state aside from the income of the parties, the number of children one or both parties have (in common or not), and the state-mandated guidelines for the amount of support. If you are in a situation, either as the recipient of support or the payer, asking the court to deviate from the guidelines may be financially justified. Court proceedings factor the cost of living, debts and physical custody in calculating support orders. Consider asking for help navigating the system so you end up with a fair outcome.

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