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Update beneficiaries to reflect current estate plans

People in Florida may create a will in order to make sure that their assets are passed on to their loved ones after their death. Making a will is an important part of creating an estate plan, but it does not reflect the whole picture. There are other important steps that a person can take in order to make sure that their assets are handled according to their wishes. Beneficiary designations can be some of the most important yet simple options for people to check.

Debts can cause problems for couples

It's not uncommon for couples to go through turmoil because of money. According to a study conducted by Fidelity, more than 50 percent of couples begin their relationships with some level of debt and 40 percent said the debt negatively impacted the relationship at some point. Married people in Florida experience stress because of their debts and many come to consider divorce because of financial and other factors.

Understanding different kinds of child support cases

Many parents in Florida are confused by what they encounter when they first begin to navigate the child support system. It may not be clear why some families handle child support payments through a state agency while others make their payments privately. However, there are four different kinds of child support cases, and the type of case determines how each is processed.

What to do about the holidays after a divorce

Holidays can be stressful for families at all times, but Florida families that have gone through a divorce might experience additional stress. Parents and children may be struggling with such emotions as sadness, anger, betrayal and fear. While parents may feel overwhelmed by these feelings, they still have to make decisions that will put their children first.

Questions to ask during the estate planning process

Florida fans of Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee may be aware that in the final years of his life, there was some controversy. For example, he reported that $1.4 million was stolen from his bank account to buy a condo. He also ran into a conflict with his daughter. Lee signed a document saying she had befriended men who wanted to defraud him, but then he took it back.

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