1 Simple Reason You Could Change Your Child Support Order

You may feel like you lost your chance to pay a manageable amount of child support once you get a rejection from the Florida Department of Revenue. However, there could be a way that you can support your child legally and still live the life you need.

The legal reasoning behind your ability to change court orders is very simple. Unfortunately, the complexity of the system sometimes might make it difficult to know exactly how to present even the most simple and straightforward arguments.

Making Your First Attempt

First of all, if you managed to get through the support order modification system on your own, congratulations. The Department of Revenue presents the process as straightforward, but you have probably discovered just how complicated it can be. If they denied your request, there could still be hope. If you have not yet applied, then you could be in an even better position to succeed with a knowledgeable advisor.

Applying for Your Modification

The good news is that you do not have to go it alone next time. Additionally, your chance to make that next attempt could come sooner than you think. You could be eligible to reapply, even if the official message is that you have to wait.

Changing Your Order

There is one simple reason that you could have another chance at modifying your child support. Many people already qualify for something the courts would view as major life changes. That is why they are trying to change their orders in the first place. 

Analyzing Your Situation

The primary rule is to maintain hope because each case is different. However, you probably need a consultation to determine your exact situation and figure out how to present it effectively for the best possible results.

When you work with someone who knows the system, you no longer feel powerless. A livable agreement is probably still within your reach. 

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