Creating a parenting schedule during divorce

Parents in Texas who get a divorce may have to plan a custody and visitation schedule. If they cannot agree on a schedule, they might have to go to court. However, this can leave them with less control over the schedule.

Parents may design a more successful schedule if they keep certain principles in mind. The purpose of the schedule is to ensure that the child is able to maintain a relationship with both parents. This means that the focus should not be on the most convenient schedule for the parents. However, the child's schedule should be taken into account. Parents should consider extracurricular activities as well as logistics. If they live near one another, this can make the child's journey between their homes easier. Keeping the child's regular child care provider can help reduce the changes in the child's life. Older children may want to participate in the creation of the schedule.

Parents should not use the custody schedule as a weapon against one another. Instead, they should concentrate on what is best for the child. Parents should also avoid making plans based on future conditions that may not happen. For example, they should not make a plan that involves a parent moving to be closer after a couple of years. The schedule should be created based on the current situation.

One of the difficulties in negotiating child custody is that there may be a strong emotional element for parents. However, their attorneys may assist in the negotiation. Parents should keep in mind that even if one parent does not pay child support, this is not grounds for changing the child custody agreement. If a parent does violate the custody agreement and deny the other parent access to the child for any reason, it might be necessary to return to court.

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