How to reduce conflict during a divorce

The process of divorce can be stressful for some people in Florida. However, there are ways to defuse situations to prevent the divorce from becoming more costly, difficult and harmful to children.

First, some people might be able to anticipate the areas of conflict in the divorce based on what they clashed over during the marriage. For example, if the couple tended to fight about money, they are more likely to argue about finances during divorce as well. People should also think about how they and their spouse reacted during conflict. This can help them identify when the other spouse is becoming angry or stressed before others do. It may also help them try to break out of those patterns and try to find new ways to resolve conflict.

Even with the best of intentions, a person might fail to defuse the other spouse's anger or other strong emotional reaction. However, when this happens, the person can try to avoid escalation. Deep breathing or even leaving the scene for a few minutes to take a short walk can calm the situation. The person's attorney or the mediator might also be able to help. The advantage of taking this approach to the divorce is that it may make the process of reaching an agreement less stressful and may also lead to a better co-parenting relationship.

In some cases, a couple might be able to negotiate some elements of the divorce agreement but go into litigation to resolve other elements. However, they should keep in mind that negotiations leave them in control of the final agreement in a way that litigation does not. In litigation, the couple might end up with an arrangement for property division that neither is happy with, or one parent may end up with less time with the children.

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