Some reasons why couples get divorced

A survey was conducted that drew on the collective experiences of divorced people. It revealed some interesting facts and showed that divorces happen for a wide variety of reasons in Florida and throughout the nation.

It was found that money problems are almost always contributing factors. Arguing with loved ones about money problems often seems to bring out the worst in people. Because a financial problem can affect almost every aspect of a marriage, keeping a budget is important for healthy relationships. After a divorce, alimony payers may experience further financial disarray. Cheating is obviously a huge source of disruption within romantic relationships. Even just one instance of infidelity can create a marital trust deficit that never heals. Because marriage is defined as a long-term commitment to a romantic partner, it's only natural that a lack of commitment would prove to be such a major cause of marital collapse.

For many of the divorced people surveyed, constant arguing served as the single most important catalyst for the end of the marriage. In the midst of verbal conflict, few people can maintain their romantic feelings for very long. A surprising number of people blame their divorces on marrying too young. Poll respondents who married too young had an average age of just over 23.

When a person suddenly learns their spouse wants a divorce, this can cause great personal distress. In many cases, people want to get the entire process behind them quickly so that they can make a new start, but this sometimes leads to their conceding on property division and other issues prematurely. To avoid this, they might want to have their attorneys take the lead in negotiating a settlement.

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