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Who gets my property if I die without a will?

If you are like many Florida residents, you probably have had the following experience: Your friend’s widowed mother or father dies without having made a will. All of a sudden, your friend and his or her siblings are practically at each other’s throats fighting about who gets Mom’s diamond ring or Dad’s extensive set of tools. Such family squabblings can, and often do, tear a family apart. And it all could have been prevented so simply if Mom and Dad had just taken the time to make their respective Last Will and Testament and/or put certain assets into one or more trusts for the benefit of their children.

Considerations when creating a time sharing agreement

The divorce rate is steadily decreasing over the country. However, Florida lawmakers seem to have an idea for how to decrease it even more. Some Florida lawmakers have proposed a bill that would require couples to read a marriage guide, which would offer premarital education and general relationship advice, before tying the knot. Whether this plan will lower the number of divorces or even make them less acrimonious remains to be seen.

Do not ignore a letter from the Florida Department of Revenue

You want to have a good relationship with your child, and you want to do your part to provide for him or her. However, you have suffered some major life changes since the original child support order, and after you make your payments, you do not have enough left over to live on. 

Parental responsibility: Cooperating with your ex

During a divorce, it can be all too easy for parents in Florida to become so caught up in trying to gain the advantage over each other, they fail to realize how their actions can affect their kids. It may seem like arguing is the only way to get points across and wishes heard. But the inability to work together can cause the courts to make arrangements that go against your wishes. 

Domestic violence among service members

Spousal abuse is a problem that plagues countless families in Florida and across the country. Having family members in the armed forces, you should know that there are military-related issues that may contribute to or exacerbate a domestic violence problem.

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