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More time for fathers leads to change in custody arrangements

With studies showing that children benefit from time with both parents after divorce, custody arrangements are changing. Parents in California might try a number of different configurations that focus on the best interests of the child and provide ample time for each parent with their children.

Shared parenting and the myths that won't die

When Florida parents split and the custody of their children has to be decided, the goal is always to do what is in the children's best interest. But some experts believe that traditional notions about what is best for children after a divorce are in contrast to what research has shown kids actually need. Borrowing terminology from literature and pop culture, a psychologist explains how myths about parenting after divorce continue to thrive despite real evidence to dispute them.

Child custody variations can adapt to family needs

For parents going through a divorce in Florida, the primary concern they may have is how to handle child custody. The thought of spending less time with one's children and developing a schedule with one's former partner can be overwhelming. However, parents can still attempt to reach a plan that protects the best interests of the children.

Going through a divorce with kids during the holidays

For Florida parents who are in the process of separating or divorcing, the holidays can be very difficult, especially for their children. As such, it is imperative that parents think about the well-being of their children when making decisions about how they will handle the holidays.

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