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Biggest mistake in divorce is rushing ahead without right lawyer

Ending a marriage in Florida is painful enough without making it worse through inadequate planning, insufficient court representation or allowing emotions to force a person into saying or doing things that will cost them later on. An expert recently shared her thoughts on the most common mistakes people make during divorce and its related issues, including alimony, child custody and property division.

Tips for getting ready for divorce

Some Florida residents may return from the holidays ready to get a divorce in the new year. After summer vacation is also a common time for marriages to end. Even people who have not made up their minds yet can start taking steps to educate and prepare themselves in case they do decide to split up.

Step family members sometimes unsure of family obligations

For decades, divorces and remarriages in Florida have been expanding the size of families. With the proliferation of step relationships within families, people increasingly wonder how to divide their time and resources between biological kin and step relatives. A university researcher who manages studies of family demographics said that uncertainty about how to allocate attention and money between various stepchildren and grandchildren sometimes creates tension when paying for college or planning vacations.

Tips for recognizing and dealing with parental alienation

Some Florida parents who are divorced might also have to deal with parental alienation, particularly if their ex-spouses were diagnosed with a personality disorder. Parental alienation involves one parent manipulating the children so they turn against the other one.

Entrepreneurs and divorce

When entrepreneurs in Florida end their marriages, the fates of their businesses are often uncertain. This is because the company and its assets may be subject to division in the divorce settlement.

Risk factors that increase the likelihood of divorce

When Florida couples head to the altar, they rarely think about what could go wrong in their future lives as spouses. Marriage is never guaranteed to be easy because it is a very close relationship; as such, it is subject to the vicissitudes of the human condition.

How to protect yourself from past marital debt

If you are embroiled in a contentious divorce, your primary goal is get out of the marriage as quickly as possible with all the property and assets you are entitled to. For those with a considerable amount of debt incurred, bold promises may be made to make a particular spouse whole or relieve a spouse of debt. After all, dealing with credit card debt, medical expenses and other financial obligations can be difficult after a divorce. And let's face it, some vindictive spouses just want to make their exes life difficult .

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