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Divorce risk linked to disparity in attractiveness

If one person in a Florida couple is significantly more attractive than the other, that couple might be more likely to get a divorce compared to those who are more evenly matched in attractiveness. An article in Psychology Today reports that studies show this disparity can put a strain on a relationship.

Debts can cause problems for couples

It's not uncommon for couples to go through turmoil because of money. According to a study conducted by Fidelity, more than 50 percent of couples begin their relationships with some level of debt and 40 percent said the debt negatively impacted the relationship at some point. Married people in Florida experience stress because of their debts and many come to consider divorce because of financial and other factors.

Financial errors that add to the long-term cost of divorce

Divorce often disrupts income and produces turbulent emotions. For spouses in Florida in the process of ending their marriages, the upheaval could lead to financial mistakes. Despite feelings of anger, spite or sadness, financial planners recommend that recent exes keep their eyes on the future and avoid activities like buying big-ticket items to make themselves feel better.

Prenups can be more flexible than many expect

When a Florida couple thinks about their wedding plans, they may be hesitant to consider a prenuptial agreement. Despite the growing popularity of prenups as people marry later in life, many spouses still associate them with negativity. Some believe that prenups mean that a couple is already planning to divorce or that the newlyweds-to-be don't trust one another. However, those negative stereotypes don't have to be true. Prenuptial agreements can actually help both partners protect their interests and make solid plans for the future.

Filing for divorce

Florida residents who want to get a divorce may be intimidated by the seemingly complicated process. There may be many issues that have to be addressed during a divorce, including child and spousal support and child custody arrangements. However, in order to start the divorce process, it is necessary to first file.

3 relationship problems that could lead to divorce

All marriages in Florida have their ups and downs as the partners navigate disagreements and hopefully reach satisfactory compromises. The persistence of certain problems, however, could mean that divorce is on the horizon for a couple. Arguments, different life goals and loss of friendship raise red flags that indicate a relationship in trouble.

Pre- and post-nuptial agreements can be good for a marriage

A common perception among many soon to be married Florida couples or those already wed is that contractual agreements between the two is a bad idea, which in, essence, plant the seeds for the all but inevitable future break-up and ultimate divorce. On the contrary, however, prenuptials and post-nuptials can provide a solid platform from which a marriage can build and thrive.

Understanding the impact of the 'gray divorce revolution'

For any Florida couple, there's something special about celebrating the anniversary of a marriage that has lasted for many years. Long-term marriages can be even more remarkable for children of divorce. Sons of divorced parents are 35 percent more likely to get divorced themselves, while daughters coming from the same family background are 60 percent more likely to see their marriage end early. Even when there isn't a family history of divorce, older couples aren't all that likely to remain together "til death do use part" these days.

Can Valentine's Day weddings lead to divorce?

Couples in Florida who set their wedding dates may expect that to have little connection to their likelihood of divorce. On its face, that is a common-sense assertion. However, research conducted at the University of Melbourne shows that some couples are more likely to divorce, and that likelihood can be linked to the choice of certain dates for their weddings. The single day connected to the highest probability of divorce, according to the study, was Feb. 14, or Valentine's Day.

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