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Understanding different kinds of child support cases

Many parents in Florida are confused by what they encounter when they first begin to navigate the child support system. It may not be clear why some families handle child support payments through a state agency while others make their payments privately. However, there are four different kinds of child support cases, and the type of case determines how each is processed.

When to stay married to help a child

Florida residents may feel as if ending their marriage is in their best interest. However, they may be conflicted as to whether it is in the best interest of their children. While there may be long-term impacts on a child after a divorce, there may also be long-term impacts on a child who grows up in an unstable home. Typically, it is never a good idea to stay in a relationship if abuse occurs.

The leading cause of garnishments is child support

A large number of Florida workers have garnishment orders against their wages, and the leading cause in the nation is child support. A study released in September looked at garnishments across the country in order to identify trends, causes and the most affected industries and people.

Disestablishing Paternity

What would you do if it turned out that you were not the biological father of a child that you had loved and financially supported for years? Well, you may be able to disestablish paternity and terminate all child support obligations under Florida law - if you want to.

Child Custody 101

The laws regarding child custody vary from state to state, but in Florida, child custody is determined by the courts through their analysis of what is in the best interests of the child in accordance with the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act.

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